Tinsel Scrunchie with White Fur Edge - Set of 2

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Hair scrunchies are the women’s latest fashion trends. With a cute scrunchie around your hair you can go for the messy bun scrunchie, or the messy ponytail scrunchie look. Whether you have thick or fine hair, these scrunchie packs will be there to complete your look. Scrunchie holders make a great hair styling accessory for girls. That’s why we offer our scrunchies in all different cool colors and styles. With a choice of black, white, red, pink, blue, yellow, purple and green, you are sure to find the scrunchie set that makes you look most attractive. Our ultra-soft stretchy scrunchie bands are made of soft tinsel like fabric with white fur edges around it. The elastic material allows you to wrap the scrunchie around your hair 2 to 3 times. Best of all, these scrunchie hair ties won’t leave a pony mark in your hair after use